Why are epileptic seizures dangerous?

Epileptic seizures, for the most part, proceed very quickly (usually from a few seconds to several minutes), characterized by extremely dramatic manifestations, which, as a rule, literally change consciousness for a while and can cause its complete loss. Being in this state, a person who experiences an epileptic seizure usually either does not remember the course of the attack or does not remember anything at all. That is why it is extremely important that the relatives and friends of the epileptics pay attention to the course of the symptoms in order to tell the treating doctor about them later. Knowledge of the initial symptoms (such as sudden loss of consciousness, unintended convulsive twitching of the limbs or the presence of strange sensations) can very often help in determining the particular case of epilepsy.

Why are epileptic seizures dangerous? Thus, since consciousness can be lost very quickly, and in some cases without any warning symptoms, people suffering from epileptic seizures should be extremely circumspect, especially during the performance of certain activities. Potential danger not only to themselves but also to others, the epileptic can represent when the attack caught him or her at the time of swimming in the pool, driving the car, controlling some kind of mechanism and so on. Seizures often pass by themselves, without presenting an immediate threat to the life of a sick person. However, in some cases, when seizures do not stop but follow one after another over a period of time, they speak of a phenomenon called epistatus (epileptic status). This condition poses a serious danger to the life of the patient, sometimes exposing the epileptic to mortal danger, and therefore, requires immediate medical attention. Among the other things, epilepsy can also be characterized by the other complications. There is a fairly extensive classification of epilepsy, based on seizures, causes, and many other criteria. It is extremely important to correctly classify a particular type of the disease, most accurately identifying all the causes leading to this disease, since in this case, it will be possible to develop the most effective measures for the treatment of this condition.

Therefore, it is so important to take drugs, in particular, Klonopin. You can buy Klonopin without a prescription in the pharmacy and carry it with you, in case of danger take the pill urgently. Other relaxants, not specialized on epilepsy treatment, like Valium, will not suit.

Are you afraid of secondary epilepsy? It can arise again for a number of reasons:

  • suffered severe head trauma (in 12% of patients, seizures first appeared after trauma)
  • stroke (secondary epilepsy develops in 10 percent of patients who underwent a stroke)
  • postponed meningitis, encephalitis, brain abscess
  • tumor of the brain (both benign and malignant brain tumors can cause secondary epilepsy. The brain tumor is diagnosed in 16 percent of patients who first suffered an epileptic seizure after 25 years
  • anomalies of cerebral vessels
  • multiple sclerosis (5-10 percent of patients with multiple sclerosis suffer from epilepsy)
  • alcoholism (alcoholics are more likely to have epilepsy than other population groups)
  • mesial temporal sclerosis or sclerosis of the hippocampus is a congenital anomaly in the structure of the internal parts of the temporal lobe, leading to the development of complex focal seizures.

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