What are the symptoms of Soma addiction?

Soma remedy is famous among customers, who have severe pain in muscle tissue. It is commonly indicated for short periods when this kind of ache needs to be alleviated. The curing effect of the remedy shows up while the active agents influence signals between neurons and the human brain. Moreover, this preparation has a generic version Carisoprodol, which has a mild sedative action. Many consumers, who take this cure, discover that this sedative effect is rather enjoyable. Such situation can induce a desire for further nonmedical usage.

What are the symptoms of Soma addiction? As a rule, this preparation is consumed for a short period of time, not more than 3 weeks. When the tablets are administered as indicated, it is found to be a safe remedy. Your therapist can advise this preparation for other health conditions as well. But customers should know that using this med can be somehow addictive. Most followers inform that this remedy gives tranquilizing actions, which can reduce anxiety and stress. It is the primary cause why individuals choose to take it for longer periods, ignoring the risk of getting addicted.

What groups of users are at risk of addiction?

Situations, when Soma can be easily abused and by this means be the cause of addiction include:

  1. When followers do not administer this med as prescribed, for instance, exceeded amounts, or via other way (e.g. injection).
  2. Prolonged term of usage.
  3. When sufferers combine tablets with other remedies (Codeine, Vicodin) or with alcoholic beverages.

But, for sure, not all consumers who take the remedy will get an addiction. In fact, like any cure, when it is used as indicated, it will treat the condition. Clinical surveys inform that followers, who have substance abuse in the anamnesis, are more likely to get an addiction.  Yet, when tablets are taken as ordered the risk of addiction is minimized. In addition, dependence from the med can also occur when it is taken for a long time on a regular basis.

Usual picture of the remedy addiction

If you know anyone who adhere therapy with Carisoprodol, then you are better to understand general side responses which can create an addiction. Acute insomnia, total sedation, euphoria senses and complete relaxation are signs of the short term effects. Yet, the commonest side reactions are more acute and can show up in depressive feelings, loss of coordination, convulsions, drowsiness and vomiting.

Long-term reactions normally are noted in changes of behavior and mood, desires to obtain extra tablets, suicidal behavior. Moreover, consumers should understand which symptoms of overdose can be – for example, irregular blood pressure, problems with breathing, unusual eye movements, impaired eyesight. Any of the above mentioned signs must be medically treated, or they can be life threading.

How to stop the tablets with minimum risks?

Another considerable issue to remember is that the withdrawal process can be rather hard when pills are stopped suddenly. Luckily, withdrawal from the remedy is not that hard as withdrawal process from other nonmedical substances (for example, alcohol or narcotics).

From other hand, medical practice knows examples when consumers had side reactions even after several months of quit. As a rule, therapists apply clinically controlled detox systems in order to create comfort and safeness while proceeding withdrawal process from the pills.

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