Weak erections: heart or liver problems

Sexual failures in men are the first bell of formidable diseases of the body, such as diabetes mellitus or heart ischemia. Erectile function, like the thinnest link, suffers before others. The main thing that needs to be done in this case is to undergo screening diagnostics, take a vacation, go to a medical resort to rest, and get well.Weak erections: heart or liver problems

Sexual function is very subtle and, often, emerging sexual problems preceding the true disease for a few years.

The most “beating” in the groin problem is depression. Many men are exposed to it in our time, especially workaholics, businessmen. First, they do not switch to another type of activity, and therefore, do not rest.

Secondly, the rapid pace of life, the cardinal changes constantly keep them in suspense. As a result, people fall into stress. And one of the early manifestations of depression is a reduction in the coloration of sexual sensations. Sex for men is not so much desired, laziness overcomes it. But if you can get rid of depression with a good rest, with new impressions, then you should take a closer look at the symptoms of more serious diseases.

For example, if there are problems with potency, we must seriously think about the visit to the cardiologist. In the emergence of many cardiological diseases – hypertension, stroke, heart attack – the fault of the formation of a substance such as nitric oxide.

It is the reason why blood flow to the penis decreases, since the development of the substance occurs in the cells that lining the cavernous body of the penis.

The vessels of the whole body, including the heart, are affected by atherosclerosis; cavernous cells lose the ability to produce the desired element. By the way, the famous Viagra works on this mechanism, which was created as a cardiologic agent initially.

Not only liver suffers from fatty food. The hormone of desire – testosterone depends from the healthy state of the liver. Testosterone accompanies the sexual function in both the spinal cord and the prostate, and depends on the maturation of spermatozoa and testicles and even whether the cells of the cavernous body can produce nitric oxide and whether there will be sufficient erection. In the liver and the prostate gland, testosterone is converted into a more active substance, hydro testosterone. If these two organs get sick, then the transformation will not happen, and so interest in sex will weaken.

The liver, as is known, affects the quality of nutrition, the amount of alcohol consumed, as well as the environmental situation in which a man works. Especially if the profession is associated with the evaporation of metals.

Therefore, in people with hepatic insufficiency, sick with hepatitis, abusing alcohol, testosterone is produced in very small quantities. Sexual activity, of course, decreases. The growth of the breast gland, hair loss disappears, fat is appearing on buttocks and thighs.

The “love” of a man depends on the stomach and intestines. Problems with the gastrointestinal tract also affect the libido. However, the whole body suffers from diseases of the intestine, pancreas or stomach, because of poor digestion; it does not receive vitamins, microelements, enzymes, glucose. For example, if there are not enough vitamins C and E, then it will be a problem with the development of testosterone.

In most cases, the patient can really receive help from the drug – an analog of Viagra, for example, Levitra. Levitra can be bought at a pharmacy to forget about temporary problems. However, do not forget that a visit to the doctor in these cases is necessary.

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