Will long-term usage of Ativan cause addiction?

Ativan cause addiction Chemically, Ativan preparation belongs to group of benzodiazepine remedies and is usually indicated for some essential reasons, such as healing acute anxiety, insomnia, severe spasms in muscle tissue, alcohol withdrawal reactions and seizure sicknesses. However, this med can form a habit when it is consumed for nonmedical purpose or if customers uses exceeded amounts.

Over the long-term, abuse of the remedy can create a negative influence on sufferer’s private life, emotions, as well as physical and psychological health state. When users become addicted from Ativan, special detox system and rehabilitation can help followers securely withdraw from the preparation and back to their normal lives.

Like other benzodiazepines, this preparation helps to depress impulses of the central nervous system and decrease activities in the brain membrane. Providing calming effects, the medication assists in easing senses of anxiety. But in several weeks, the organism gets used to actions of Lorazepam, and as a result, tolerance to tablets appears. Thus, sufferer requires higher amounts of the medication to get similar feelings of decompression and calmness. Heavy dependence can appear when it is used for a long time. By this means, the human body will be in need of pills to function well.

Even a consumer, who administer tablets as per therapist’s receipt can get dependence after some time. Counting this, benzos are usually indicated for short periods. The biggest hazard of abuse is the probability that dependence from this remedy can become addicting. The cautionary signs of addiction count these states:

– strong need to buy and consume this remedy;

– the necessity to get increased amounts of tablets in order to feel expected effects;

– the constant abuse of the preparation, although sufferer has negative impacts on health;

– anxiety, nausea, restlessness, insomnia or other signs of withdrawal, when follower tries to stop or decrease the amount;

– numerous unsuccessful attempts to quit the pills.

Medical reports have announced that almost each 10th adult user consumes benzos for nonmedical purposes. Recreational intake of the remedy noticeably enhances the hazard of getting dependent and finally addicted to the med. When this preparation is misused for months or even years, consumers can face severe problems with health.

Since Ativan is sold legally, as well as prescribed rather often, a lot of individuals consider this remedy “safe” in contracts to illegal drugs.  Nevertheless, when the preparation is abused, it can bring similar harm as other various substances. Being an effective depressant, this drug slacks processes in the brain and organism. Thus, natural processes, such as learning, reflexes, memory are affected.

Although this med usually does not suppress respiratory organs or cardiovascular system, a lethal overdose is rather to happen when the remedy is mixed with other depressants, sedative preparations or alcoholic drinks.

Prolonged abuse can cause harmful responses to the health, such as:

  • acute sleepiness or sedation;
  • increased tiredness without obvious reasons;
  • feeling anxious most of the time;
  • partial loss of memory;
  • hardness in learning;
  • bleeding in the stomach or other digestive organs;
  • abnormalities of kidney functions;
  • migraine attacks;
  • acute insomnia;
  • convulsions.

Having abused Ativan constantly, consumers can feel amplification of the sings which should be reduced by the remedy. Such unpleasant response can also happen during a period of withdrawal, when the follower attempts to quit consuming the med. The sufferer should be often supervised by the therapist when initiates withdrawal process.

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