Top 5 most useful products for potency

In addition to tablets, such as Viagra & its analogs (Kamagra), eating many foods can also be very beneficial for men’s health. Top 5 most useful products for potency

  1. Stomach of the camel

The stomach of a camel deservedly takes 1 place, as the best product for increasing potency! Its effect is no worse than Viagra, while it is absolutely not harmful to the body. The only drawback is that getting this product is not easy.

The stomach of a camel for hundreds of years helped men to increase their erections. The nomadic peoples of the East resorted to these means: Mongols, Bedouins & many others, to improve the potency & prolong life. Therefore, cases of the birth of children in people even older than 50 years are not uncommon among them.

A specially dried stomach is able to have such a strong curative effect. It is recommended to take it immediately before the sexual intercourse or half an hour before it. The effect will appear immediately. To achieve it, it’s enough to take 3 g of the product. This piece is not more than a pea. A special alcohol tincture can also be made on it.

  1. Oysters

Scientists have determined that the concentration of amino acids & zinc in the body of mollusks is the highest in spring when these marine creatures actively multiply. Therefore, oysters caught at this time of the year are most suitable for increasing potency.

But do not resort too often to this remedy, because Chinese & European scientists have proven that the constant use of shellfish is harmful to health & even reproductive function due to excessive mercury content. According to other studies, raw oysters are often carriers of the bacterium Vibrio vulnificus, which can cause numerous diseases, the most harmless of them can be considered gastroenteritis. The risk to health is increased when a person has liver disease or wound on the skin surface. People with impaired immunity, diabetes, low acidity, taking corticosteroids & antacids should also refrain from eating raw shellfish.

An alternative way to increase the potency with the help of oysters & while not harming health, are baths, one-third filled with oysters, filled with hot water. Even after an hour of lying in such a bath, there is an improvement in sexual function. After 5 sessions, you can forget about impotence.

  1. Flounder

Flounder’s not only very tasty. It’s also an extremely useful sea creature. It’s known for the special effect on the work of the men’s sexual organ. This can be explained by its high level of various vitamins (especially A, B & E), amino acids, trace elements, including zinc. Flounder’s rich in a full & balanced protein. Thanks to the lower content of connective tissues, it’s much better absorbed by the human body. The composition of this fish includes other active substances as well. They have a positive result on organism in general, thereby increasing potency.

  1. Boiled mackerel

Due to the abundance in its composition of omega-3 fatty acids & omega-6 acids, which are involved in the biosynthesis of testosterone, it positively affects the sexual health of men & even the reproductive qualities of women. With frequent use of this product in boiled form, potency increases & sperm production increases. The quality of the latter is met by phosphorus, which is part of the mackerel in significant quantities. Iodine provides the presence of sexual attraction & protein is a building material for spermatozoa.

  1. Turnip

Turnip rightfully takes place in the ranking of the best products, improving the potency! This vegetable is saturated with vitamins, microelements & substances that have a general health effect & have a beneficial effect on sexual consistency, contributing to the release of testosterone.

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