Medicinal products that weaken the potency

Success in the lives of many men, both on a personal front, and in work, largely depends on sexual satisfaction. Representatives of the stronger gender, who have a high-quality intimate life regularly, feel confident and healthy, realize their abilities without problems, and look much younger than their years. In addition, the scientists say that a man who has a hundred sexual contacts every year is less prone to developing all kinds of heart diseases. Numerous factors can adversely affect the potency. So, among them there is one, which is often not taken into account, but is capable of causing a significant blow to male health, is the intake of medications.  Medicinal products that weaken the potency

Moreover, one of the main methods of treatment of erectile dysfunction (impotence) is drug treatment, and not always meant the appointment of certain medications. Sometimes, on the contrary, the doctor can advise you to give up a certain drug that reduces the erection, and replace it with another or to abandon it at all.

Drugs with which you should be careful

It often happens that a man taking pills for insomnia or cough medicine does not suspect that it can turn into a disappointment of a beloved girlfriend or wife. So, consider drugs that weaken potency and suppress sexual desire. Firstly, it is the most part of means, reducing arterial pressure.

Secondly, some hormonal drugs increase the release of prolactin, which can lead to a violation of sexual desire and impotence.

Thirdly, some antidepressants present a danger to men. They cause violations of sexual function due to the ability to suppress the production of male hormones. On the other hand, some drugs can cause priapism (a pathological erection). With some nervous disorders and anxiety conditions, the drug phenelzine and other drugs from the group of monoamine oxidase inhibitors are prescribed.

The same drawback is possessed by agents that depress the central nervous system (sedatives, tranquilizers, marijuana, alcohol, and heroin). They reduce sexual desire, violate the erection and inhibit ejaculation. It should be noted that cases when drugs that weaken the erection and worsen sex life in general, are noted quite often. In one large-scale study in the United States, scientists found that among the 200 most common drugs, more than 15 are capable of causing a noticeable weakening of the erection and other sexual disorders.

Fortunately, such conditions are usually amenable to correction quite quickly. With a decrease in the dosage of the drug or a substitution for a harmless analog, the penis again “comes to life.” You can also use Kamagra or another analog of Viagra. Kamagra can be bought at any pharmacy.

An important direction of drug treatment is the appointment of hormonal drugs. This method of controlling dysfunction is indispensable, for example, in hypogonadism, when the body lacks the secretion of the male sex hormones androgens. In this case, the doctor prescribes the patient to take testosterone. Effectively help medications for other diseases that cause a weakening of the erection. So, drugs are considered a true ally in overcoming hyperprolactinemia – a condition in which an increased content of prolactin – a pituitary hormone is observed in the blood.

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