Is it worth trying to fall asleep in all ways?

Often people who have problems with sleep, try to solve them with the help of alcohol drinks. For a better effect, they also take extra special pills, for example, Ambien or Soma. This cannot be done categorically. Compatibility of alcohol with sleeping pills is completely absent.

The consequences of taking medications to normalize the work of the nervous system together with alcoholic beverages can be horrifying. Is it worth trying to fall asleep in all ways

From the gastrointestinal tract

Nausea, vomiting, stool, abdominal pain, indigestion. Such unpleasant symptoms can appear in a life of a person for several days. To adjust the digestive system, he or she must completely abandon the consumption of alcohol, as well as sleeping pills. Further, it is recommended to follow a diet. To do this, you need to exclude from the diet high-fat, fried foods, flour and confectionery products, sugar, spices, etc.

From the side of the cardiovascular system

Arrhythmia, heart palpitations, poor pulse, tachycardia, hypertension.

Also, there may be severe shortness of breath, sweating, other general malaise.

From the nervous system

Fast fatigue, nightmares, poor perception of time, inhibited reaction. A person may not understand where he or she is and with whom. He or she may also have a loss of coordination in space, clouding of consciousness, memory impairment, etc.

If you take alcohol along with sleeping pills, you can cause a strong toxic poisoning of the body, unpleasant symptoms of which can be removed only in a hospital.

Medications taken along with alcoholic beverages cause allergic reactions, which manifest themselves in the rash and itching of the whole body.

Reasons for not using alcohol

If a person cannot fall asleep for a long time or notes the fact that he or she does not manage to have a good rest for the night, this indicates obvious problems with the work of the nervous system. Usually, such problems are solved with the help of antidepressants, but many people believe that this can be solved by drinking a small dose of any alcohol. This opinion is not correct. Ethyl alcohol has a negative effect on the work of the nervous system. A person who drinks an extra dose of alcohol can behave inadequately. The consequences of alcohol use by people who have disorders of the nervous system are:

  • If you also drink sleeping pills, you can lose a sense of reality and see different visions altogether. In this state, it is very dangerous for the surrounding people. It is not known what you will see or feel and how you will react to these hallucinations. If a person has this condition, one should immediately call an ambulance
  • A state where a person does not understand at all whether he or she is awake or asleep. You can bring him or her to life only at the special medical center.

Sleep disturbance is a serious problem for the human body. The doctor should prepare the sleeping pills on the basis of a complex diagnosis of the patient. It also determines the dosage of the drug for a particular person. You shall not get involved in taking sleeping pills categorically at your own, especially together with alcohol. Simultaneous reception of alcoholic drinks together with medicinal preparations can cause serious health injuries, even death.

Sleep disturbance is a sign of poor functioning of the human body. Solve the problem with the help of doctors. It is necessary to adhere strictly to all the recommendations of specialists regarding the treatment of the nervous system. The use of any alcoholic beverages in varying amounts only exacerbates health problems and delays recovery. Insomnia cannot be treated with alcohol. Alcohol drinks will not improve but create new health problems.

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