FAQ for Provigil: Answers for Purchasing Queries

FAQ for Provigil This remedy has been invented as one of the main substances to cure general signs of narcolepsy disease and other complications in sleep. Consumers, who work in shifts, can sense that their normal sleep process is damaged. Moreover, the followers can consume it in situations when they require staying active and energetic while coping their routine tasks.

As a preparation, which stimulates wakefulness, under the prescription group of remedies, consumers usually have various queries regarding buying and consumption of this remedy.  This med has been approved by the FDA as well as its generic variety Modafinil. Although it was approved a long time ago, still there are questions about its proper usage and way of purchase. Below frequently asked questions explain main queries from customers.

  1. Is therapist’s prescript required to buy remedy from a Canadian pharmacy?

Although Modafinil has been determined as a prescription remedy in numerous countries, in Canada special laws allow obtaining of the preparation without the receipt. But yet, the remedy is classified as Schedule F and some restrictions exist on how it can be purchased. There were many examples when consumers actually obtained tablets with and without prescript.  In Canada this med is offered under the term Alertec.  It is allowed to bring determined amounts of the remedy from abroad as per therapist’s prescription. Various online pharmacies follow the country’s laws scrupulously and offer legal services.

  1. What is the basic cost of 100 mg pills online?

As a rule, tablets with dose 100 mg are offered online starting from $2 per tablet when obtained in a wrapping of 30 pills. In addition, price per one tablet can be less when the package is bigger. For instance, pack with 90 tablets will provide $1.40 price per each separate pill. When customers place orders repeatedly, usually online services provide extra discounts and bonuses for constant clients. Certain online drug stores can give a bonus when new purchases come as per clients’ recommendations to other people.

  1. Which variation of remedy is cheaper?

Modafinil preparation is a generic alternative of Provigil and is usually priced lower whatever the source of purchase is. It is the basic reason why generic version is more popular among consumers. Some customers are smart enough to buy 200 mg dosage and divide it into two similar amounts, thus cutting costs. Prices of the preparation may vary from one drugstore to another; in some cases this difference can reach even $100. By this means, individuals should compare and analyze costs on the online pharmacy market.

  1. Is it cheaper to buy med online?

Comparing with ordinary pharmacies, commonly online services win – their prices are much lower. In addition, almost all websites also provide extra discounts, coupons, bonus programs to attract customers. Another suitable thing is that you can return inappropriate product easily, mostly without transportation fees. Moreover, when users check online drugstores regularly, they can be surprised to see that price becomes lower with each next coming to this site.

  1. How to get a prescription without visiting therapist?

Sufferers, who require to purchase the remedy and do not have a receipt, can use additional feature on websites and get an online prescript from a medical professional. Usually it works like this: customers upload necessary medical information online, therapist analyzes it, and then the prescription can be issued. This receipt can be used further without any doubts to obtain preparations online.

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