Can I mix Zoloft and Alcohol?

For sufferers with depression states as well as various mental issues, the remedy Zoloft can offer desired easiness. It is a prescription preparation, which is categorized as SSRI med. Like other varieties of the SSRI, this cure acts by modifying the way, how cells of the human brain consume needed amounts of serotonin.

In case your physician advises you the remedy, you can ask if it is harmless enough to consume alcoholic beverages during the healing period. Further facts will provide details why mixing alcohol with the tablets is not advisable.

Is it possible to mix the remedy and alcoholic beverages?

Can I mix Zoloft and Alcohol? Clinical surveys on alcohol and the preparation were conducted, but did not show much information. Yet, it does not mean that the combination of these substances is secure. In fact, the American FDA advises to evade alcoholic drinks while consuming the preparation.

Such suggestion is based on the fact that the human brain is affected by both substances. Zoloft active molecules influence directly on the neurotransmitters and enhance exchange channels inside the brain membrane. Alcohol molecules act as depressants, thus, inhibit cooperation between the brain cells. This process lets understand why a lot of consumers have depressive mood or doing various unusual things when they consume alcoholic beverages.

Generally, consuming alcohol can induce such reactions on the human brain if the remedy is taken or not. Yet, when individuals administer remedies which also affect on the brain work, drinking can worsen the responses. Such complications are known as interactions.

Commonest expected interactions

Chemically, alcoholic beverages and Zoloft preparation are both substances (or preparations). Consuming more than one remedy simultaneously can enhance the hazard of undesired responses. In such occasions, alcohol can affect side reactions of the tablets and worsen them. These undesired reactions count:

  • feeling dizzy;
  • acute depressive feelings;
  • suicidal behavior;
  • anxious state;
  • acute migraine;
  • irregular work of digestive organs;
  • drowsiness.

Clinical studies have proven that individuals who consume Zoloft sense drowsy and sedated from the tablets. The hazard of drowsiness increases if customers administer higher amounts of the remedy, for example 100mg doses. Though, the med can induce drowsiness at any amount.

As alcohol creates sedative effects, so they can be enhanced from the remedy. Thus, users who combine alcohol and tablets can sense drowsy reactions faster than those individuals, who consume the same amount of alcohol drinks without tablets.

How to avoid any complications?

Counting above facts, followers are advised to evade alcoholic beverages while consuming Zoloft preparation. Just a single shot can affect your organism and interact with pills, thus it will induce undesired side reactions. Surely, the mix of these two substances can create side responses, while alcohol can worsen the depressive state. Actually, sufferers with depression are commonly recommended not to drink alcohol at all, even if they do not administer any med.

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