Sociophobia: I’m afraid to communicate with people

The presence of a mental disorder, which is called sociophobia, is often evidenced by anxiety, which makes itself felt when necessary to participate in social life. This is one of the most common violations, which forbids itself even to self-correction.

Sociophobia I'm afraid to communicate with people

Sociophobia is a whole group of phobias related to public actions or communication. This can be a fear of speaking or other situations where a person is at the center of attention, fear of a large crowd of people, fears associated with public evaluation, including fear of looking ridiculous or stupid.

The presence of a common root in terms of sociopathy and sociophobia speaks about their relationship, but on the whole, they have little contact. Sociophobe is afraid of society, is anxious when it is necessary to interact with other people. A sociopath is a mentally ill person, ignoring social norms, aggressive, conflicting, indifferent to others, often leading an antisocial way of life. Another difference is that a person can learn sociophobia independently, and with sociopathy, a doctor should help.

A person can be afraid of attention from other people, for example, experience severe discomfort when you have to use a public toilet or take food with other people in the company. Sociopathy can also manifest itself as excessive shyness when dealing with strangers or with persons of the opposite sex.

Sociophobia refers to anxiety disorders. If a person is in a frightening situation, symptoms such as sweating, palpitations, red face, breathing problems, etc., may be observed.

When sociophobia develops?

Most often, a phobia begins to form in adolescence, when a child faces various social difficulties. Teenagers are very dependent on public opinion. During this period, the fear of “being different” is aggravated, there is a craving for communication with the opposite sex, and with it, the fear of being rejected. Public activity (reports, speeches, etc.) generates fear of being the worst of all, seems ridiculous or stupid. If the situation develops unfavorably for the child, fears are fixed and transferred to adulthood.

Unfortunately, many people simply did not hear about such a disease as sociophobia. Their states are explained by excessive shyness and personal traits of a character.

What is dangerous in sociophobia?

If you do not treat sociophobia, the patient’s condition may deteriorate over the years, which leads to serious violations of social adaptation, even to the loss of efficiency. Sociopathy is often accompanied by depression and a decrease in self-esteem. People with social phobias often seek solace in alcohol or drugs, eating disorders are not uncommon. Sociopathy, especially when combined with the other mental disorders, leads to complete isolation of the person and increases the risk of suicide attempts.

Treatment of sociophobia

In 90% of cases, sociophobia is cured using various psychotherapeutic methods.

If necessary, along with psychotherapy, medicines are used. Do not self-medicate or give up – just sign up for an appointment with a specialist. One of the popular drugs is Xanax. You can buy Xanax at the pharmacy or get a prescription from a doctor. The main thing is to use it wisely like Valium and other strong drugs. If you are not sure which medications you should take, consult a doctor.

The psychotherapist will help you cope with your problem and choose effective therapeutic methods. You will certainly cope with your fears and gain self-confidence.

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